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Redesign the Grid

Decentralized platform for energy storage. Now every person or company can store electricity, and also transfer it within the network. The Powerchain platform allows you to trade the energy to stabilize the grid and save money.


How Powerchain Works

At a Glance

Powerchain stimulates energy storage installation for using it to stabilize the power system. The energy storage used as electricity buffers shaves peaks and power grid fluctuations, and stabilize the frequency. Capacities of energy storage node are rented by project participants within created platform.
Powerchain helps backup generators earn additional income sailing electricity to other platform participants and using the opportunities for mining cryptocurrency. Reserve power plants will receive additional opportunities to sell electricity.
Powerchain creates transparent and legitimate mechanisms of converting received reward from other platform participants into fiat money. It creates the opportunity to conduct cross-border operations and eliminate geographical barriers for participants.

How to Join Us

How to become a Powerchain member?

Once you've bought the smart controller, you need to get the Powerchain tokens (POWEC), and register yourself on the Powerchain platform.

How does it work?

A smart controller transmits a signal containing the new energy storage data to the Powerchain network (platform). The Powerchain platform displays the accumulator capacity and how long it is ready to store electricity. After the energy storage is connected to the network, the owner becomes a participant in the energy market, and the energy storage becomes a virtual power station.

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Powerchain Works

Six Problems

Before the Powerchain, electricity was mostly produced at large facilities, and is further distributed to a wide variety of consumers: from large industries to small households. In fact, there are also grid operators between the producer and the consumer. Hence we all face the main problems shortening the final consumer’s budget.

A fixed tariff comprising:

- Producer’s profit;
- Various intermediaries’ profit;
- Grid management costs (i.e. O&M);
- Amortization costs for large corporations.

No consumer vote rights

The consumer can not influence the electricity grid scheme, and is forced to rely entirely on corporations owning production capacities and infrastructure.

Local grid monopolization

The consumer cannot choose manufacturers and suppliers, so must have only the stated ones.

External dangers common
to any centralized network

(The center falls - consumers suffer)


Long distance shipments bring huge losses of electricity.

Peak and uneven generation
from alternative sources

(No sunlight, no wind = no electricity)

One Solution

Cost effective and more usefully

The use of the blockchain and additional technological solutions make it possible to create a balanced and efficient system - a virtual power grid with no drawbacks common for traditional grid.

Grid Stabilization

There is no need to generate excess electricity and utilize it. Now it can be accumulated and used later.

No losses

The Powerchain smart platform gives the most optimal variant of supplying the needful amount of electricity to the consumer.

Awesome Features


Powerchain token (POWEC) is supplied by the collective generation and accumulation potential of the community. The value of the POWEC Token is determined by the current generation and energy storage potential of the platform, not by the given volume of emissions.


The platform is reliably protected from exploitation. The analytical layer, a kind of immunity, identifies deviations in the platform typical actions or participants interactions.


The Powerchain project unites all innovative developments in the field of energy and energy storage systems.


The Powerchain Token (POWEC) is mineable by providing your energy storage system to the platform’s use.


Powerchain introduces the category prosumer into its essence. With the help of energy storage technologies and blockchain, any consumer can become a producer, and vice versa.


Powerchain creates a stable, self-regulating community without participants' anarchy. This is made due to the Powerchain Token (POWEC), serving as the currency within the system.
POWEC Token is fork-protected

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The cost of POWEC will be affected by the number of platform participants, their total generation and energy storage capacity, electricity services volume, and ongoing operations.

Token distribution:

Reserve fund (payments to the first miners)
The team (3 years vesting)
Advisers (1 year vesting)
Development and marketing, including airdrops and bounty campaigns

Funds distribution:

Marketing and partnerships
Legal expenses
Administrative expenses
Business development
Product development
Operating activities

Tokensale Rounds

White List
Supply: 12 000 000 000 POWEC
Token price: $0,0025
Goal: $30'000'000
Supply: 15 000 000 000 POWEC
Token price: $0,01
Softcap: $50'000'000
Hardcap: $150'000'000

White Paper

Everything you want to know about POWERCHAIN in one PDF.
From idea to complete implementation.
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Dream Team

Alexey Zotov
Founder and CEO
Vladimir Bobrov
Co-founder and CFO
Kirill Mogilevsky
Co-founder and CTO
Nurbey Gulia
D.Sc. Developer, inventor
Alexander Lavrentiev
Mikhail Kupriyanov
Project Development Consultant
Filatov Igor
Project Management Consultant
Kasimov Denis
NPMM & DNIM Consultant
Khayretdinov Rustem
CyberSecurity Consultant
Dmitry Manannikov
Business Security Consultant
Dmitriy Solodukha
Chief Consultant, Adviser
Boris Romanov
Technical Consultant
Prof. Klaus Thiessen
Advisor, Ioffe physical-technical institute
Matthias Seidel
Business development, analyst
Melvin Naidu
Legal Adviser
James Korth
Patent Technical Advisor
Richard Nacht
Business & Legal Advisor





R&D (Research & Development)



First Usage Cases

Patenting and Samples Production


2018 Q1

Team Building and Project Design


2018 Q3

White Paper

Seed Funding

2018 Q4

Platform Development, Legal, Negotiation with Grid Companies

Deploy Nodes and Energy Storages

Invite-Only Beta

2019 Q1

MVP Release

Smart Contract Deploy and Testing

Platform TestNet Deploy

2019 Q2

Network Growth



2019 Q3

Token Distribution

Token Listing

2019 Q4

Platform Testing, Auditing, and Compliance Certification of Protocol

Platform Deploy, Pre-Release

2020 Q1

Powerchain Platform Release


The purpose of this white paper is to present the Powerchain Project, for use by accredited purchasers to whom OÜ (“The Company”) is offering the opportunity to purchase the right to acquire in the future, pursuant to a Simple Agreement for Future Token (“SAFT”) to be issued by the Company, units of POWEC (“the Token”) for use on the Powerchain platform.

This document provides relevant and reasonable information to potential holders, in order for them to determine whether to undertake an analysis of the SAFT.

Each potential purchaser shall be required to execute a SAFT, as amended, restated and/ or otherwise modified from time to time.

The SAFTs and the Tokens have not been and will not be registered in the United States under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (“The Securities Act” or any United States securities law, or the laws of any foreign jurisdiction. The SAFTs shall be offered and sold under the exemption provided by Section 4(A)(2) of the Securities Act and Regulation D promulgated thereunder, or to non US Persons who are not purchasing for the account or benefit of a US person as defined under Regulation S of the Securities Act.

This document is not composed in accordance with and is not subject to the laws or regulations of any jurisdiction which are designed to protect investors. The distribution of this document and the offering and sale of SAFTs and/or Tokens in certain jurisdictions may be restricted by the law of that jurisdiction and it is the investor’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with the laws applicable in their jurisdictions, which as at the date hereof, specifically includes, but is not limited to citizens or permanent residents of:- (i) the United States of America; (ii) the People’s Republic of China; and (iii) any other country where the purchase, sale, exchange or use of SAFTs and cryptocurrencies are restricted or regulated.

Nothing in this white paper shall be deemed to constitute a prospectus of any sort or a solicitation for investment, nor does it any way pertain to an offering or solicitation to buy any securities in any jurisdiction.

Use of the SAFT and the Tokens involves a high degree of risk, volatility and illiquidity, accordingly, there is no guarantee of that any revenue will be realised from purchase thereof. There may further be restrictions on the sale and transferability of the SAFTs and Tokens, accordingly, the risk will have to borne for an indefinite period of time

Certain statements, estimates and financial information contained in this white paper constitute forward-looking statements or information. Such forward-looking statements and or information involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties which may cause actual events or results to differ materially from the estimates or the results implied or expressed in such forward looking statements. All forward looking statements made in this white paper are done so based on information at the date in which same was drafted, and, the Company specifically disclaims any obligation or undertaking to disseminate any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statement ontained herein or to reflect any change in its expectations with regard thereto or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is based.

The Company does not guarantee the accuracy of or the conclusions reached in this white paper, and this white paper is provided “as is”. The Company does not and expressly disclaims all representations and warranties, express, implied, statutory or otherwise, whatsoever, including, but, not limited to (i) warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, suitability, usage, title of non-infringement; (ii) that the contents of this white paper are free from error and; (iii) that such contents will not infringe third party rights, accordingly, the Company is indemnified and held and harmless for any direct, indirect, punitive, special or consequential loss arising from the use of this white paper.

Prospective purchaser are not to construe any information contained in this white paper as investment, legal, tax or regulatory advice and we advise any prospective purchaser to seek same to determine the potential risks, benefits, burdens and other consequences which may arise.

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